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Cold In-Place Recycling

Cost Effective Pavement Rehabilitation Technique


Cold In-Place Recycling is a partial depth in-place rehabilitation process that reuses the existing worn pavement. These depths can range from 3 to 5 inches. Cold-In Place Recycling improves the life of severely distressed asphalt pavements. The use of Engineered Emulsions in a laboratory mix design is needed in order to optimize the quantity of the emulsion and the physical properties of the reclaimed material. This mix design is used in the field during construction for the Quality Control/Quality Assurance testing.


Benefits of the Engineered Emulsion with a performance based mix design includes the ability to withstand traffic loading, ability to withstand moisture damage, and develop early strength to support traffic. Provides for cost effective pavement rehabilitation compare to conventional reconstruction methods. Construction projects are completed in less time than conventional methods, reducing user delays.

"The same materials used to build the original highway system can be re-used to repair, reconstruct, and maintain them."

Fredrick G. Wright
Executive Director, FHWA

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