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Fog Seal

Lowest Cost Pavement Preservation Technique


Fog Sealing is a technique of spraying a light application of asphalt emulsion onto a pavement surface. When used with chip seals, Fog Seals increase chip retention to tightly lock in aggregates.


Fog Seals are applied by properly calibrated asphalt distributors to achieve uniform coverage. The combination of binder read in the fog seal with chip seal provides a hard asphalt enriched pavement surface.


  • Visually Appealing
  • Accelerated Cure Time
  • Accelerated Ice Melt
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • HMA Appearance for a Fraction of the Cost
  • Can be Performed using Anionic or Cationic Emulsions


  • Improves Aggregate Retention
  • Helps Prevent Water Intrusion
  • Reduces BinderĀ Aging
  • Provides Black Roadway Surface
  • Increases Visibility for Pavement Marking
  • Suppresses Dust and Loose Aggregate

Specialized emulsion designed specifically for the treatment of chip sealed pavements to effectively improve aggregate retention and provide a long-lasting waterproof black appearance to the roadway for a fraction of the costs of HMA.

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