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Versatile and Economical Treatment / Quick and Efficient Construction


Microsurfacing is a surface seal treatment consisting of a polymer modified emulsion, fine graded blend of aggregates and filler, performance enhancing additives, and water. This application is designed for quick return to traffic with the capability of handling high traffic volumes. It provides a hard wearing surface that seals and waterproofs the pavement. Microsurfacing extends the pavement life by: covering surface cracks, stopping aggregate raveling, improving skid resistance, and reducing water intrusion and oxidation deterioration.


Construction is a one-step process performed on the jobsite. The aggregate, asphalt emulsion, and other raw components are accurately mixed within the paver prior to placement. The mixture goes from the pugmill mixing chamber to a spreader box where it is properly and evenly applied to the surface. The process is a very quick, efficient, and environmentally friendly procedure.


  • Quick Return to Traffic (night paving)
  • Improves Skid Resistance
  • Suitable for High Volume Roadways
  • Fills Voids in the Underlying Roadway
  • Protects and Extends the Life of the Pavement
  • Provides Smooth Black Surface
  • Long Lasting Durability
  • Prevents Water Intrusion
  • Fills Ruts in the Pavement


Microsurfacing mix designs are put together in one of our many state of the art laboratories with highly trained personnel. Optimum material selection based on lab performance testing is engineered to develop a Job Mix Formula (JMF) that is economical, environmentally friendly, and provides superior performance.

"An effective treatment for preserving, protecting and providing additional life and skid resistance to interstates, highways, streets, and parking areas."

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