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PASS Scrub Seal

High Performance Chip Seal or Stress Absorbing Interlayer / Pavement Preservation Technique


The PASS Scrub Seal system is a one-step crack-filling, sealing and rejuvenating applicationĀ for moderate to severe distressed asphalt surfaces. Scrub Seal consists of spraying a designed quantity of emulsion to the roadway in conjunction with a mechanized scrub broom that forces the emulsion in the cracks. It is immediately followed by an aggregate chip spreader which applies an even layer of single size cover aggregate over the emulsion. The aggregate is then physical rolled into the emulsion to achieve sufficient bonding and embedment. Lastly, the Scrub Seal surface is swept to remove excess aggregate.


PASS Scrub Seal system is designed for pavements showing sings of cracking, raveling, “alligatoring” or more severe surface deterioration. The process uses a highly polymerized emulsion that adds flexibility, toughness, and durability to the road surface.


  • Cracks do not need to be sealed prior to applying the Scrub Seal treatment, saving time and material cost
  • Rejuvenates the aged surface of the walls of the cracks that occur through aging and distress
  • Protects the underlying pavement structure from moisture damage
  • Extends the life cycle of a pavement
  • Helps mitigate the roadways reflective cracking
  • Is highly effective as a “Stress-Absorbing Membrane Interlayer (SAMI) for any type of surface treatments such as microsufracing, slurry or thin-lift overlays

Premium emulsion quality and proper scrub seal design provide reliable, cost effective performance with an environmentally friendly pavement preservation technique for both low and high volume roads.

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